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Adult Programs
The Tumbling Program offers a variety of classes designed to challenge each student.  Your child will have fun while, building a foundation for fitness and technique. 
Tiny Tumblers** (2yrs. – 3yrs.) $50/mo.     **Adult participation is required.
Super Tumblers (3 yrs. – 4 yrs.)     
Mighty Tumblers (5 yrs. – 6yrs.) 
Elementary Tumbling I (7yrs. – 9yrs.)  
Elementary Tumbling II (10yrs. – 13yrs.)
Int. / Adv. Tumbling

 Ballet curriculum is based on classical techniques and terminology.  Each class includes barre exercises and center work.  Ballet is the foundation for most dance forms.
Ballet I  (4yrs. – 6yrs.)
Ballet II (7yrs. – 9rs.)
Ballet III (10yrs. – 13yrs.)
Pre-Pointe Intermediate/ Pointe Adv. Ballet

Creative Kids will introduce your child to dance by incorporating elements of jazz, tap, ballet improvisation and imagination.
Creative Kids I (3 yrs. – 4 yrs.) 
Contemporary/Jazz/Tap classes incorporate classical techniques with modern, jazz and pop movement styles.
Tap I (4 yrs. – 6 yrs.)
Tap II (7 yrs. – 9 yrs.)
Tap III (10yrs. - 13yrs.)
Int./Adv. Tap
Jazz/Hip Hop I (4 yrs. – 6 yrs.)
Jazz/Hip Hop II (7 yrs. – 9 yrs.)
Jazz/Hip Hop III (10 yrs. – 13 yrs.) 

Jazz/Hip Hop III (Int./Adv.)
Contemporary/Acro Jazz/Hip Hop

Musical Theater  classes combine the three disciplines of acting, singing and dance.
Acting - Students under the instruction of Sonya Webb, will use drama, music, movement and visual art to foster personal growth, teamwork and creativity. Classes use storytelling, books and songs as a means to explore characters through structured, creative and fun activities

Private Lessons are available in all disciplines including voice and are $70/hr.

Multiple Class Discount – Any student enrolled in three (3) or more classes is eligible for a 20% tuition discount.
Family Discount – All immediate family members are eligible for a 10% discount.

Yoga classes are customized to accommodate individual levels of fitness, flexibility and strength.  The classes combine classic yoga stretches with Pilates type core strengthening exercises.   This class is ideal for anyone wishing to start a fitness class or supplement an excising workout program. 

Ballroom Dancing classes will cover basic social smooth and rhythm dances. Open to adults and mature teens, this class combines basic techniques in a fun and social environment.

Tap - Beginner tap for adults is a fun and upbeat class perfect for beginners or those returning.

Adult classes are $10 per class or a 10 Class Card can be purchased for $70.

Children's Programs