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Studio Polices

Now Registering for 2023-2024 season!

Dress Code

All students must wear appropriate dance clothes to class. Those who do not meet the dress code will not be allowed to participate in class and will be asked to sit and observe class. If your child arrives early for class, they are not allowed on the equipment. The use of any gym apparatus or equipment is prohibited without the supervision of an instructor. Absolutely no food, drink or street shoes are permitted in the gym or studio. No Gum chewing will be allowed in class. All participants must respect their classmates, as well as their instructor. Our classes are very active so please pack deodorant in your child's dance bag.


Pink ballet shoes (ballet "style" slippers are not allowed) tights (no pantyhose), and any color ballet leotard is acceptable. Ballet skirts, leg warmers, warm up etc. are allowed. No street clothes. Hair must be in a neat bun.


Lyrical shoes, footundeez, or dance paws any color or style dancewear (no street clothes), leotard, dance shorts, jazz pants. Warm-ups and leg warmers are allowed. Hair should be neatly secured. 


Jazz shoes any color or style dancewear (no street clothes), leotard, dance shorts, jazz pants. Warmups and leg warmers are allowed. Hair should be neatly secured.

Hip Hop/Breakdance

Hip Hop shoes, dance sneakers are required. No street shoes. Any color or style dancewear (no street clothes), leotard, dance shorts, jazz pants.  Hair should be neatly secured.


Any color leotard fitted dance tank and fitted shorts or leggings (no baggy shirts or street clothes). Bare feet or footundeez are required. Hair should be neatly secured. No bows or jewelry.

Creative Kids

Students will need Tap shoes and pink ballet shoes (ballet "style" slippers are not allowed) tights, any color ballet dress, leotard, with tutu or dance skirt. 


Tap shoes, leotard, dance shorts, jazz pants, skirts or and style dancewear. 

Musical Theatre

Jazz shoes and/or character shoes, any color leotard, jazz shorts, pants or leggings. Hair should be neatly secured. 


Tuition is based on a yearly fee that is divided into ten (August - May) equal monthly payments. Your monthly payment is not related to the number of classes in the month. When you enroll, you register your child for an entire season of classes August - May. Though you enroll for a season, we do allow you to drop at any time with a 30-day written notification. The number of classes that occur in any given month depends on the calendar and holiday schedule. Tuition is not prorated due to absences, whether or scheduled closings. Tuition payments are due by the 1st of each month. All fees are non-refundable.  If enrollment does not reach an appropriate number of students, that class will be cancelled, and students will have the opportunity to join another class. 


Family Discounts - 10% tuition discount is given to siblings/family members living in the same house. Multi Class Discount - 20% tuition discount is given to a student enrolled in three (3) or more classes. 

Parent Portal/Payments 

All registration takes place on our studio management software system powered by Jackrabbit. This is a secure payment system that encrypts all payment information. Parents will have access to the portal with a valid email and can manage payment methods securely. Tuition and fees will post to the account on the 1st of the month and be charged to the credit card on file unless alternate payment arrangements are made in advance. (A $15 late fee is due with any payment received after the 15th of the month.) If outstanding balances are not taken care of IMMEDIATELY, your child will not be able to participate in class. Returned Check Fee and/or Declined Credit Card Fee - $30 and $25 respectively.

Recital/Costume Fees

All students will participate in the recital in May. Costume deposit of $40 per student, per class is due October 15th. The students will be measured in class in November and costumes will be ordered in December. Costumes cannot be ordered without a deposit. If your child's costume is not ordered with the rest of the class, it may not arrive in time for pictures or recital. The balance of the costume fee is due when the costume arrives. The recital fee of $65 and includes two tickets to the recital and video downloads of the show. This fee will be added to accounts in March and is due. by April 15th.


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